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  • Euro-American Joint Accreditation Services

    • EA-JAS is an independent accreditation body offering accreditation programs for Certification bodies, Laboratories, and Inspection bodies.

      All EA-JAS accreditation programs operate in accordance with relevant international standards with the aim of getting these programs harmonized and recognised internationally. This will ultimately promote and increase the reputation and confidence of products and services provided by EA-JAS accredited partners.

      EA-JAS offers accreditation schemes for Management Systems Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Product Certification Bodies, Calibration and Testing Laboratories, Proficiency Testing Providers as well as Good Laboratory Practice. Each scheme offers a specific set of capabilities, and they are altogether designed to accommodate the different products and services currently in the market.

      Using EA-JAS accredited CABs offers multiple benefits for companies. Besides providing a marketing opportunity, it also boosts the company’s image and also the company’s products and services are endorsed with the highest assurance. This, in turn, instils confidence in the company’s customers and stakeholders alike.